Nagina Cineplex 4K-3D

First & Only
4K - 3D
Cineplex of Faisalabad


First and Only 4K-3D Cineplex of Faisalabad

Nagina Cineplex 4K-3D is The First and Only 4K-3D Cineplex of Faisalabad. We have demonstrated our drive to push the cinematic experience to new and exciting levels through our luxurrious cineplex concept. Our business has been the best in providing an elevated level of the movie going experience. With luxury VIP Boxes offering fully reclining, oversized leather seats with in cineplex, elegant lobby spaces, cutting edge sound and 4K projection technology. We have succeeded in attracting people not only from within the community but from outside the community too. We have strived to change the way moviegoers will watch the movies forever.